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Building Your Cottage Bar Cart

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  • August 25, 2015

Cottage Bar Cart

For most Canadians, the cottage is a special place. Not only is it relaxing but it offers up a certain freedom found nowhere else. When tackling any type of DIY project you have that freedom to let your imagination run wild. One of my favourite projects is this island for outdoor entertaining, complete with a sink and running water.

The first step in creating the island was picking up lumber at my local Home Hardware Building Centre.  Because the island is going to be exposed to the rain and sun, I recommend treating it with stain. I’ve selected a Wood Shield semi-transparent stain with just a slight tint because I love the way the cedar looks and I want it looking as natural as possible.

A great feature of this island is that it’s on wheels, so I’m able to lock it when I want to keep it in place and unlock it when I want to move it. I’ve added planter boxes to the side which allows me keep fresh herbs close by.


Because we’re going to be using this island for entertaining it makes sense to equip it with a sink and running water. For the sink I’ve selected a small stainless steel bar sink and you want to make sure that you’ve got it properly supported before you cut it out. I ran the water to the tap with the help of a Mark’s Choice Clear Garden Hose.  I ran the hose underneath the island and connected it to both the hot and the cold so that either tap will turn on fresh water.  For the drain I’ve used a 15L bucket which will be more than sufficient for the amount of water we’re going to use in the island.

I’ve lined a box in the base of the island with metal and this will work for storing ice and drinks. For convenience I’ve also added a spout at the base so that when ice is melting it’s easy to drain the ice water.


A little handy work can go a long way and help make your cottage completely unique.

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