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A Beautiful Room Starts At The Top

Bev Bell


One of my favourite things about design is the ability to be creative and try things that are a bit off the beaten path. With just a few small changes, you can take a room in your house from ordinary to extraordinary. I believe that there are no hard rules in decorating. Some of the most beautiful and memorable rooms are the result of someone playing around with colour.

One of the things I’ve been experimenting with recently in terms of colour is ceilings. So often they’re neglected in design plans and left white, with little room for creativity. However, by adding a bold dash of colour, you can customize your space and make a room sing!

Having a hard time picturing how it looks? Above is one of my favourite designs with our Colour Comes Home collection.

The beautiful Candelabra colour in this kitchen, featured in Beauti-Tone’s Colour Comes Home Refined Instincts palette, adds drama to the coffered ceilings by adding colour. If you picture this ceiling as all white, its beautiful detail and dimensions would disappear, to a large extent. The eye is automatically drawn to the lightest colour, so by carrying the colour through to the counter stools, the eye is able to flow throughout the kitchen and up towards the dramatic ceiling.

Finding the right colour or design can be difficult, which is why I’ve collected some of my best design tips to make your job as easy as possible:

1. Use colour temperature to make a room complete. Remember that cool and light colours recede and warm and darker colours advance. For instance, in the bedroom below featuring the Colour Comes Home It’s Just Natural palette, the ceiling colour, Worth Your Salt is a warm white hue, which heightens the ceiling, since light colours recede.


2. When you’re choosing your ceiling colours, hold the colour sample over your head, so the light hits it in the same way once the colour is painted on the ceiling. Colours appear darker on the ceiling than a wall because of the way the light hits them.

3. When painting the ceilings in an open concept space, choose colours from the same palette. For example, the picture below features the Colour Comes Home Vintage Finds palette with a colourful combination of Bewitched Blue, Atomic Sage and Yellow Submarine tied together with a clean white ceiling. A white ceiling can, at times, make as bold a statement as a colourful one because our eyes are drawn down to the room rather than up to the ceiling. The room below has a flow of colours as they were all chosen from the same colour palette.


4. Very few ceilings are free of flaws, so I recommend using a flat paint in order to downplay imperfections.

5. Feeling too timid to add statement ceiling colours to your design? Add a cup of wall paint to white ceiling paint instead. It’ll balance the room by adding just a hint of colour.

6. To make your ceiling appear higher, paint a white or light ceiling down 6″ on the wall and add a narrow trim to separate your wall colour from the ceiling. This will magically make your ceiling appear higher.

Ceilings are like accessories: you can leave the customizations out, but when they’re pulled in, they pull everything together.

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  • Nancy Robinson

    We purchased Beauti-tone Ceiling Paint 185R150 770-10 for our latest home reno. I now see that the label says it’s for several rooms, but omits “bathroom”, which is what I am painting. What is the problem with using it in the bathroom, if any?

    • HomeHardware

      Hi Nancy! In bathrooms, the products used usually contain a fungicide. When paint is treated with a fungicide, it helps to protect the paint itself from the growth of mildew.

      A fungicide is not needed in bedrooms, living rooms etc., as the humidity is typically not high in these areas. Since moisture and humidity promote the growth of mildew, we do not promote the use of this ceiling paint for bathrooms.

      I hope that answers your question!

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