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Going Green at the Cottage

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  • July 11, 2016

The cottage is a very sacred place for most Canadians. It’s where they retreat to spend time with loved ones and to forget about the busyness of everyday life. Going green is just another way you can enjoy your time at the cottage by saving money and protecting the environment. With the help of some great environmentally-friendly alternatives, you will be well on your way to a greener life in no time.

Indoor lighting

Quite often when going green, it’s the little things that are overlooked – like changing a lightbulb. LED lights are great to start with. They use quite a bit less electricity than incandescent bulbs so they lower hydro bills. LEDs also produce less heat so they are always cool to the touch, pretty much indestructible, and are one of the more environmentally-friendly bulbs on the market. In most packaging, you will see the equivalent of 60 incandescent watts to your LED watts.

Indoor lighting sized2

Outdoor lighting

Solar lighting is a great solution for going green outdoors. The best thing about solar lighting is that it is renewable energy and produces no harmful emissions. Even on the cloudiest of days, there’s still a little bit of solar energy coming through for the panels to soak up.

There are a few different solar light solutions to consider:

Solar railing lights can be installed in seconds and have 8 hours of run time. They turn on at dusk and shut off automatically so you don’t have to worry about checking on them.

Plastic solar post caps also light up automatically and are designed to fit on a 4×4’ post. They give off a warm light for an inviting atmosphere and have 8 hours of run time. The post caps are also equipped with back up rechargeable batteries for added time. Metal post caps fit on a 6×6’ post but come with an adapter so they can also sit on 4×4’s. For chain link fences, round post caps are recommended. They fit on garden gates and corner posts as well. Installing railing lights and post caps not only illuminate the area, but also keep everyone safer at night by providing extended visibility.

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Major Appliances

Some cottages don’t have power and others don’t want power, which makes it tough to own ranges and fridges that soak up loads of electricity. However, there are energy-efficient solutions so you can keep your luxury kitchen appliances and stay green. These appliances run off of propane, just like a barbecue.

If you’re looking for a stove, off-grid propane ranges offer the same features as a traditional range but don’t take electricity. Propane fridges have direct vents and carbon dioxide alarming devices with safety shut-offs. Dual-power fridges provide the best of both worlds as they run on both electricity and propane. This is the best solution to stay prepared – if one goes out, you have a backup.

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If you have electricity but are looking for a more energy-efficient cooktop to use outdoors, the Kuraidori Induction Cooker is a great option. It uses induction heat so the cooking surface always stays cool to the touch and will even shut itself down if there’s no cookware on top. This makes it very safe to use around children. The cooker also makes a good warming plate and is perfect to take camping or travelling.

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Chemical-free cleaning products

After a long winter, cleaning up your property becomes a necessary task. Many cleaning products are harsh on surfaces and the environment and many environmentally friendly products don’t work. Luckily, Activox Siding Plus Cleaner solves both dilemmas. It is 100% biodegradable and nontoxic. It doesn’t contain any acid, phosphate, and chlorine bleach. The neat part about Activox is that it unleashes the power of oxygen to help remove algae, mold, mildew, and most common stains. It’s not just for siding – it can be used on RVs, patio furniture, and boats. Best of all, it is very safe on the environment. Activox breaks down into oxygen and water after the cleaning action is complete so it’s totally safe to use around your pool or even on your dock.

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It doesn’t take a massive overhaul to benefit the environment and making small adjustments like using LED lights or propane appliances at the cottage all help with preservation.

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