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Let’s Talk Tulips!

Mark Cullen


With thousands of varieties and an almost infinite spectrum of colours, tulips are a beautiful addition to any garden. And if properly cared for, they will provide beauty year after year.Tulip_960x160Plant your bulbs in the fall to enjoy colourful blooms in the spring. Plan to plant the bulbs within a week after buying them, as they shouldn’t stay above ground too long. Tulip bulbs can be planted any time in the fall up until the ground freezes. They will survive a frost but once the ground is frozen, you won’t be able to get a shovel in it. TulipBulbs_960x1601. Plant bulbs in a hole that is three times as deep as the bulb is thick, measured from top to bottom. A bulb that is 3 cm thick will require a 10 cm. hole.

2. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole to allow new roots to develop freely, and add a handful of blood and bone meal in the bottom of the hole to ensure the roots get the nutrition they need.

3. Bury your bulbs using triple mix soil. Mark’s Choice Garden Soil will get the job done. Mix the soil with 30% sand to improve drainage.

4. After planting, step on the soil around the bulbs to firm the soil and encourage the bulbs to take root before winter sets in.Squirrel_960x160- After the bulbs are placed in the hole, spray them with a squirrel repellent.

- Place chicken wire on top of the hole after the soil has been tamped down with your feet, then add a couple more centimetres of soil on top of the chicken wire.

- Plant the bulbs a little more deeply in well-drained soil.Blooming_960x160Enjoy the beauty they add to your garden or cut them and bring that beauty into your house. Once the flower petals have dropped, nip off the finished flower bud and don’t let it set seed. Let the leaves turn yellow – this will take four to six weeks. Pull them and throw them on the compost. While the leaves turn yellow, they are converting the energy of the sun into food and pushing energy down to the roots. This will beef it up, so it blooms again next year.Pants_960x160Gardens, parks and green spaces from coast-to-coast-to-coast will be a sea of red and white come the spring of 2017 when the CANADA 150 tulip begins to blossom across the country in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. The maple leaf inspired tulip features a magnificent white bloom with red flames, and bears a striking resemblance to the Canadian flag.

Make your yard part of the celebration next spring by planting the CANADA 150 commemorative tulip bulbs this fall. A limited supply of these bulbs are available exclusively at Home Hardware and Home Hardware Building Centres and should hit the shelves in early September.


[25 pk 5029-205, 100 pk 5029-206, 500 pk 5029-207]

  • lonedog

    Can you still order the Canada 150 tulips? A friend of mine was told earlier today that orders had to be in by August 29th. Unfortunately there was nothing announced about an order deadline.

    • canadiansadie

      It depends on your local Home Hardware, as the quantities were very limited. The dealers had to order the bulbs long in advance of the season, as the growers only have so many available.

      My local store was taking pre-orders since May to ensure their customers weren’t disappointed. They had a few extra left for walk-in customers, but they have been VERY popular, and the early bird definitely got the worm in most cases. I’d check with your local store and see if they have any left! Good luck, they’re going to be beautiful!!!

      • HomeHardware

        You’re exactly right!

        Stores that have ordered additional bulbs are expecting to receive their next shipment of tulips early this month. We encourage our customers to contact the store that is closest to them to inquire about estimated arrival time and available quantities.

        • Yvonne Thevenot

          After calling seven stores in Toronto today, and getting the same response (no) I am thinking Home Hardware would be more aligned with the brand “HomeOwners helping HomeOwners” and “the brand you trust” if perhaps there was another answer other than “no”? Perhaps there will be another release this fall and we could start pre-orders now? Or maybe we could order them directly from overseas? I suspect many naive homeowners like me, assumed we could get them in the spring, to have for the summer. Come on Home Hardware, I know you can do better than this!

          • HomeHardware

            I’m very sorry Yvonne, we had a limited quantity of these bulbs available and they were a very popular item that sold out very quickly.

  • JohnandJudy Sinclair

    The tulips bulbs I planted have not bloomed yet. May19 and those that are close now that it is warmer are yellow. Disappointed to say the least. I planted 3 boxes and was disappointed at the time I couldn’t get more. Glad I didn’t get anymore. No red and white at all!

    • HomeHardware

      The Canada 150 Tulips are a late blooming tulip but you should hopefully have blooms soon. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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