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Introducing the Multi-Function Air Cooker

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  • October 7, 2016

Cooker 960x300

Craving the good old crunch of deep fried French fries, but can’t afford the extra calories? Enjoy healthier versions of your favourite foods with the Multi-Function Air Cooker from Kuraidori.

Using the power of high-speed hot air circulation, the Air Cooker can grill, bake, roast and fry with little to no oil – making it a safe and convenient way to cook healthy, fast, and delicious meals for the whole family!

Cajun chicken

Still not convinced? The Multi-Function Air Cooker is:

Easy & Versatile

With 6 pre-programmed cooking settings, a temperature range of 65ºC to 200ºC, and a digital LED control panel, the Air Cooker makes it easy to set the correct time and temperature to cook all your favourite foods to perfection.

The Air Cooker also includes a wide assortment of accessories that are designed to help you cook a variety of healthy meals and snacks. From fried food made with less than a tablespoon of oil, to healthy grilled meats and steamed vegetables, or even muffins and desserts, the Air Cooker can do it all!

Wings 960x300

Safe to Use

Because you are preparing food using circulating hot air, there’s no large pot of boiling oil to tip or splatter and cause burns. It’s much safer and saves you from the smell that comes with a traditional fryer. The Air Cooker also features built-in overheat and tip-over protection, with a cool-touch handle and hinged locking lid for extra peace of mind.


Easy to Clean

Both the interior basket and pan of the Air Cooker are dishwasher-safe to make clean up easy and convenient.


Power & Quality

Powered with 1400W of high-speed air circulation, the  Air Cooker ensures that food cooks quickly and evenly, all while locking in flavour. Like all premium quality products, the Air Cooker is built to exacting standards and will provide years of worry-free operation.

Roasted veg

The Multifunction Air Cooker Includes:

  • Steel toast rack
  • High rack & low rack
  • Steel tongs
  • 4 pc. skewer set
  • Non-stick pizza pan

Cheese croquettes

Make the healthy choice the easy choice and sacrifice calories, not flavour with the Multi-Function Air Cooker!

  • Leila Capell

    How do I use the vent insert – where?

    • HomeHardware

      Sorry Leila, I’m not sure what vent insert you are referring to? Would you be able to email so I can put you in touch with our product expert?

      • Leila Capell

        Hi – thanks for getting back to me. It doesn’t matter now; we are returning the item for a refund today. We tried doing fries in it and it took so long that the rest of our meal was spoiled. We are disappointed.

        • mason

          You are obviously doing something wrong as all air fryers are very good but takes a bit of use to get used to them. I have had no problem but I have read the instructions in depth.

  • Dorothy

    You didn’t comment on Leila’s statement that the fries took too long. What length of time are we looking at for some of the foods…such as fries, a small chicken, 4 servings of root veggies, etc.?

    • HomeHardware

      The cooking time would vary depending how much you are cooking and at what temperature. As an example you could cook 12-25 ounces of Frozen french fries at 392F and it would cook in 11-20 minutes.

  • Judy Jennex

    there is no English manual

    • HomeHardware

      Hi Judy, Could you please send an email to We will send you a manual.

  • Sophie Fortier

    Je tiens a dire que présentement ils passe une annonce présentant le multicuideur kuraidori chez homehadwar a 167.97$ mais l’annonceur dit a 169.97$
    Quel belle erreure

  • denisej33

    I too did not get a manual in English with my air fryer .

  • Darlene Desveaux

    I need an English Launguage user manual please !

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