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  • January 14, 2017


There are plenty of ways to give a tired kitchen a new look and new life. One way is adding a new kitchen sink and faucet. The change they can make is often overlooked as they are sometimes thought of only in terms of function and not style. But they are the centrepieces of your counter and the eye is drawn there.

When deciding on a new sink, think of what materials are best suited for your needs. There are many kitchen sink materials to choose from, including stainless steel and granite.  Each has its merits in terms of durability, number of colours available, and scratch resistance. Ultimately the choice should be heavily influenced by your personal style.

Personal style should also factor largely into the faucet you choose. Think of how it will fit with your décor but keep a few practical things in mind as well. Keep configuration in mind. Make sure you know how many holes are in your sink or countertop before picking your faucet – faucets can range from one- to four-hole configurations. Functionality also is essential. Pull down or pullout faucets are ideal if you want some extra maneuverability in the kitchen sink. Finally, consider the finish. A good rule of thumb is to select the same finish for your faucet as you have for your cabinet hardware.

For a great looking and very functional sink/faucet combination, check out the Granitek Quadra Double Sink in Grey with the Terrace Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spout in Stainless Steel. Granitek is an attractive composite made from natural stone and acrylic resins. It’s colourfast so it won’t fade, and is heat, stain and scratch resistant so it will maintain its look over time. The design allows for under mount or inset (drop in) installation and can accommodate 8” centre or single post faucets. The Terrace faucet has the Quick Connect system for easy installation and has a two-function pull down wand with spray and stream features.


Putting in a new sink should take a morning of work. It’s also a good idea to have a helper handy to assist with a couple of steps. While the Granitek Double Sink can be installed under mount OR inset, we will concentrate on the inset (drop in) method here. One thing to make things easier: buy a sink that fits the existing hole, then:

  1. Find the clips that attach the existing sink and its rim to the countertop. Remove them and disconnect the water supply and drain plumbing.
  2. With your helper above, push the old sink from below. (You might have to run a putty knife around the perimeter to loosen the old caulk seal.)
  3. Prepare the new sink by installing the faucet as per the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s easier to install the faucet now as the mounting nuts are easier to get at.
  4. When installing the faucet base, apply a ribbon of plumber’s putty first.
  5. Apply caulk under the sink rim and seat it in the opening.
  6. Install the drain and tail pipe, seating them in caulk.
  7. Drop new sink in.
  8. Install the new clips to secure the rim to the countertop.
  9. Reconnect the supply lines and drain pipes. If using flexible supply hoses, it’s a good time to install new ones.
  10. Turn on and run the tap for a few minutes to check for leaks.

Your new sink and faucet will pour new life into your kitchen with the added bonus of not draining your budget.

  • Denise

    Les évier Odyssey sont-ils durables aux égratignures ?

    • HomeHardware

      Bonjour Denise,
      La résistance aux égratignures d’un évier dépend du matériau dans lequel il a été fabriqué. Un évier en acier inoxydable, comme les éviers Odyssey en stock, est fait en chrome (un métal robuste) et en nickel (un métal malléable). Puisque ce type d’évier n’est pas entièrement fait de métal robuste, il est plus sujet aux égratignures. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un évier anti-égratignure, je vous recommande un évier en granite.

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