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Not Just for the Birds

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  • May 9, 2017


Are you looking for that perfect home décor item that’s one of a kind? Would you believe me if I told you that you could make it out of birding/lawn and garden items? You can! These multi-purpose items not only help feed birds and plants in your yard, but also create beautiful, unique accessories that will leave your neighbours green with envy!living-wreath-header2

Transform an ordinary peanut coil into a beautiful wreath of fresh flowers that is sure to dazzle anyone who stops by.

Materials Needed: Peanut Coil Feeder  l  Assorted annuals  l  Sphagnum or sheet moss

1. Place the wreath on the table, so it is lying flat.
2. Manipulate the coils so you are able to pack moist moss and annuals into the center of the coils.
3. Gently pack the moss and soil together each time you add more.
4. You can make the wreath double-sided if you desire.
5. Continue adding and gently packing moss and annuals throughout the rest of the wreath.
Optional: Add a bow at the top to make your new wreath even more decorative.welcome-hose-header2Instead of throwing away an old garden hose, keep it and transform it into this easy, decorative wreath that’s perfect for spring and summer.

Materials Needed: A garden hose  l  Assorted flowers, real or fake  l  Lightweight garden accents (bird feeders or garden gloves work perfectly!)  l  Zip Ties  l  Ribbon

1. Cut your garden hose in half – you will hide the cut end of the hose in the wreath.
2. Wrap you hose into the desired shape you want.
3. To hide the cut end, tuck it into the body of the wreath and use zip ties to hold it in place.
4. Place flowers (either real or artificial) and zip tie them to the wreath, this will help hold them more securely than glue.
5. Add your lightweight gardening accessories to the wreath with zip ties if possible, but not, use glue.
6. Trim all of the zip ties to create a clean look
7. Add ribbon, or netting as filler to cover any zip ties that may be showing.
8. When you hang your wreath up, the hose acts as a hook.light-up-the-night-headerHanging lanterns are the perfect patio accessory to help you enjoy warm evenings outdoors. Create your own stylish lanterns using a hanging bird feeder (bonus: these lanterns could easily be used in doors as well!)

Materials Needed: Hanging Bird Feeder  l  Battery Operated Mini lights  l  Battery Operated Candle

1. If you have a hanging bird feeder with the feeder in the middle, you will have to remove it.
2. Place a candle or tea light in the middle of the lantern style feeder.
3. You can also thread the mini lights through the grates and arrange them in a desired position/design inside.

These simple DIY designs create stylish décor pieces that are cheep cheep to make (You didn’t expect us to get through this article without making that joke, did you?)

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