Bev Bell

Bev Bell, Creative Director for Home Hardware's paint and Home Products Division, is a well-known colour and design expert and has a fantastic flare for all things visual. From colours to DIY projects, Bev doesn’t shy away from a design challenge! As a feature writer for Home at Home Magazine, Bev creates unique projects for all areas of the home. Bev brings tremendous enthusiasm, taste and experience to the task of inspiring Home customers to want to do more - and giving them the confidence to know that they can.


Here’s How to create Halloween GLAMkins

Here's How to create 5 stylish pumpkin designs.


A Beautiful Room Starts At The Top

With just a few small changes, you can take a room in your house from ordinary to extraordinary.

Beautitonepaint_630x 315

5 Easy Steps for Paint Preparation

Proper paint preparation doesn’t just prevent paint failures, it also saves you time and money.

Hue Homework

Hue Homework

Academic Achievement Comes in Many Shades

Ombre Chairs

From Ordinary to Ombre

Ombre is a hot trend in both fashion and your home.

Decorating The Deck

Decorating Your Cottage Deck

Think of your deck as an extension of you interior but with a great view.

Colour Selection at the Cottage

Colour Selection at the Cottage

Updating your cottage with a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference when sprucing up your space.


Home Run Project

The Grand Slam Table is the perfect DIY project for children - complete with baseball bat legs.

Picture Frames Header

Picture Perfect

Turn play time into arts and crafts with this stand out picture frame project.

BeautiTone Paint

Beating Winter Blahs With Natura Paint

Home Hardware believes in products that are both environmentally sustainable and effective, and it shows in our Natura line of paint and cleaning products.

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