Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen is Canada’s best known gardener and inspires Canadians to grow, beautiful and sustainable gardens. Through his weekly Canada AM segment, blog, podcast, and monthly newsletter; Mark offers helpful advice to achieve a healthy garden. As a third generation career gardener, Mark has a strong sense of social responsibility and participates in local, provincial, and international development and educational programs through S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation. He is also chair of the Highway of Heroes Reforestation Project. Marks’ status has been achieved and is maintained by his tireless love of interaction with Canadians.


Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer’s heat can be hard on your grass, but with these tips your lawn has a great shot at remaining lush and in the event of a summer drought in your area, these tips will help it bounce back come late August when evening temperatures are cooler and morning dew is heavy.


The Right Tools for a Greener Lawn

To help you get prepared for the arrival of spring, Mark offers the following tips, tools and tactics to help you fight off the invasion of weeds and give you the greenest lawn on the block


The Benefits of Green Gardening

Consider giving back to your garden and going green.


Let’s Talk Tulips!

With thousands of varieties and an almost infinite spectrum of colours, tulips are a beautiful addition to any garden.


Harvesting Your Vegetable Garden

Given regional differences in climates and crops, harvest time in the garden will vary for every vegetable garden.

Vegetable - 630x315

Planting a Vegetable Garden

The key to growing great vegetables is good tools, lots of sun and proper soil preparation.


Planning a Vegetable Garden

Your ultimate success will hinge on proper soil preparation, sunshine and water.


Nature Deficit Disorder: 5 Gardening Projects for Kids

Together, using small steps, we can introduce this generation of kids to the fascinating world of nature that is as close as your back door.


Top 10 Native Plants for Canadian Gardeners

Gardening with native plants is not a new trend, though, the popularity of native plants continues to grow each season.


Prepping Your Spring Garden

How would you like to grow your best garden ever this year?

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